About me

I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember, and was frustrated whilst working that I could only find limited time for art during holidays.

When I retired I decided to give some time to painting – expecting that I might become bored after a couple of months. Well, the result is that, if anything, my interest has grown.

I am a member of the Elmbridge (Monday) Art Club and for several years was chair of the Droitwich Arts Network, of which I am still a member.

I have come to love working in acrylics on canvas. I like the freedom to make mistakes and correct them and the opportunity to build up layers of colour.

I like my pictures to mean something to me – places I have been, people I know or events that have made an impact on me personally. I am happy to take commissions, but would want to see the subject (not just a photograph).

Whilst many of my pictures are landscapes, I have also painted animals and even the occasional human (some of them are still talking to me).

I have adopted a land crab as my emblem – you will see it in the site logo. I now include my crab in every picture as I complete it. (Can you find the crab in the picture of the pond at the Jinney Ring Centre?).

I hope you like my work.