New Picture – finished?

My exhibitions are now ended. In the summer I have had a little more time for painting. The Canalside Studios trip to Harvington Hall has yielded a new piece:

I am still looking at it from time to time, to spot any errors that must be fixed before varnishing it. Do you see any?

I have another painting that’s almost completed – a blustery New Year’s Day at the beach at Beer. I want to correct one of the people in it before publishing. Then there’s the current piece, of my granddaughter around seven years ago feeding ducks at the Jinney Ring Centre.

An unexpected exhibition

My wife is an excellent marketing manager! We were staying at a Holiday Property Bond site in Brittany (in late April 2022) and having made an enquiry of the site manager about a picture in our cottage, she mentioned that I paint. The upshot was that I was asked to exhibit some of my work in the HPS Constant site near Bergerac as part of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations. I only had a few pieces in France so I event took along the unfinished “Market day in Monpazier”. It made a good distraction from the heat and thunderstorms that we were experiencing at the time.

With the unfished picture at HPB Constant

Catching up …

I’ve added a couple of pieces to the French landscapes set – from our favourite place, where the Vesère river joins the Dordogne: Limeuil from the Dordogne bridge and Limeuil back streets.

The latter is made of houses in two streets that intersect – you will never see this scene as shown, but you can find both sets of houses! Limeuil is a great place to enjoy an ice cream whilst sitting by the river.

I have also put together two new Scottish landscapes: Elie and Elie Ness lighthouse, Fife in a new grouping within the UK landscapes set. These were the result of commissions from a friend who grew up in Elie. This coastline heading west from Crail is very scenic with pretty fishing villages like Crail itself, Anstruther and Pittenweem – a painter’s paradise.

New pictures July 2020

I have been remiss in updating this site, so have added some recent works:
UK: Adriana, Witley court, Above Man o’War Beach, Dorset and Salwarpe Mill
France: Serenity (Dordogne at Limeuil)
Not landscapes: portaits of Tabitha age 3 and Brook age 4 months.

The portraits are something new – as you will see, most of my work is landscapes, but I am becoming increasingly interested in portaiture.

Brook Wylde

Witley Court and fountain at Great Witley, Worcestershire is a ruined Italianate mansion. Dating from the seventeenth century on the site of a former manor house, it was enormously expanded in the early nineteenth century by the architect John Nash and had many royals and famous visitors. It was almost destroyed by fire in 1937. I had a photo of Adriana sitting the other side of the fountain in pale clothes. She told me she preferred her red hoodie and blue jeans, but I left out the hood. She’s not keen on the bare feet either – but they were in the original photo! 

Two new pictures

I have added these two items, that I have recently completed.

Ilkley Moor
An impression of Ilkley Moor. This the result of an enjoyable walk near the “Cow and Calf” and is based upon several photos. Buzz, takes centre stage.

Unfortunately, Buzz is no longer with us. However you can visit the wonderful countryside that inspired this picture. My main reference showed Ilkley (a lovely town) appearing just over the edge of the moor with the crags you can see to the left. Across the Wharfe valley are the delights of the Yorkshire Dales. Wonderful!

La Roque Saint Christophe is found overlooking a tranquil section of the River Vézère in the Dordogne is the remains of a large troglodyte town. It is three hundred feet above the ground and more than half a mile long.

If you visit this dramatic site, you’ll find railings to stop you falling off the edge!
The cliff has evidence of use as a shelter for Neanderthal man (50000 BC), Cro-Magnon man (25000 BC) and it’s use continued until the Renaissance. In 1588 the trogolodyte town (home to 1,000 people) and fortress that had grown up was destroyed in the Wars of Religion.

Droitwich Spa ceramic mural – Update

The ceramic mural, “the buildings of Droitwich Spa”, has now been restored to its former glory (in fact it looks brand new). The original creator, Philippa Threlfall, added new backing and replaced missing parts. She was helped with the re-installation by her son, Daniel, who was three when it was created.

You can see the work at the Droitwich Spa St Andrews Shopping Centre (near the St Andrew’s Street exit).

Temporary art work was put in place of the mural created by local schools & artists. I contributed two pieces.
Philippa and her son, Daniel
The restored mural, back in place.

An experiment

I have just uploaded “The bridges at Limeuil”. The Dordogne and the Vesere meet here and it is a very popular spot – especially for bathers.

I have positioned the viewer c.15ft above the middle of the river to give the best view of the bridges.

I used a satellite image to determine the sight lines from the position I had chosen for the viewer. This determined what would be at the edges of the picture in the distance. I then had to try to show that the bridge to the right meets the one on the left at an angle.
As I could not take a picture from my chosen viewpoint, all reference photos have the wrong perspective, so I had to adjust as I painted accordingly – which was fun.

The Dordogne and the Vesere meet here and it is a very popular spot – especially for bathers.

However, I’m not sure that the result is convincing.

Droitwich Spa ceramic mural

The magnificent 42-year-old mural consisting of hundreds of ceramic pieces depicting the iconic buildings of Droitwich Spa, certainly one of the treasures of the town, resides in St. Andrews Shopping Centre.

Image may contain: outdoor

The mural had suffered damage over time, primarily by the effects of the weather. Droitwich Arts Network secured permission to restore it and obtained funding for that purpose.
The mural was removed on 7th November and sent for restoration at the ‘Black Dog of Wells’ factory. That leaves a large gap in the wall, which DAN is filling with temporary panels to explain the restoration and exhibit work by the people of Droitwich Spa, including contributions from local schools.

I have just completed a piece to be included in the space:

Saltbarrow Market, Droitwich Spa