New pictures July 2020

I have been remiss in updating this site, so have added some recent works:
UK: Adriana, Witley court, Above Man o’War Beach, Dorset and Salwarpe Mill
France: Serenity (Dordogne at Limeuil)
Not landscapes: portaits of Tabitha age 3 and Brook age 4 months.

The portraits are something new – as you will see, most of my work is landscapes, but I am becoming increasingly interested in portaiture.

Brook Wylde

Witley Court and fountain at Great Witley, Worcestershire is a ruined Italianate mansion. Dating from the seventeenth century on the site of a former manor house, it was enormously expanded in the early nineteenth century by the architect John Nash and had many royals and famous visitors. It was almost destroyed by fire in 1937. I had a photo of Adriana sitting the other side of the fountain in pale clothes. She told me she preferred her red hoodie and blue jeans, but I left out the hood. She’s not keen on the bare feet either – but they were in the original photo! 

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