Two new pictures

I have added these two items, that I have recently completed.

Ilkley Moor
An impression of Ilkley Moor. This the result of an enjoyable walk near the “Cow and Calf” and is based upon several photos. Buzz, takes centre stage.

Unfortunately, Buzz is no longer with us. However you can visit the wonderful countryside that inspired this picture. My main reference showed Ilkley (a lovely town) appearing just over the edge of the moor with the crags you can see to the left. Across the Wharfe valley are the delights of the Yorkshire Dales. Wonderful!

La Roque Saint Christophe is found overlooking a tranquil section of the River Vézère in the Dordogne is the remains of a large troglodyte town. It is three hundred feet above the ground and more than half a mile long.

If you visit this dramatic site, you’ll find railings to stop you falling off the edge!
The cliff has evidence of use as a shelter for Neanderthal man (50000 BC), Cro-Magnon man (25000 BC) and it’s use continued until the Renaissance. In 1588 the trogolodyte town (home to 1,000 people) and fortress that had grown up was destroyed in the Wars of Religion.

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